What matters in life- Mindset


What matters in life is to learn how to take the first small step, rather worrying about problems of inactions. It’s important to learn the success rules, rather than reading about problems of failure.

It’s about how to accept and overcome your issues, not to learn how you to negate them, as if they don’t exist. To explore and working on your strength is more important than exploring to know your problems. Many times, we fail because we did not know our strength.

It’s not about motivation, rather, to the point action plan to overcome the difficulties that we face. It’s about the actions that build your confidence, approach that required to clarify doubts and action plan that best suits you.

Don’t worry about your bad habits, focus of building good habits.

What Matters in life – Taking action

The best way is to excel in any field of life is to learn and implement the learning instantly.  Wherever you are in, your life, if you are learning something, please apply that in your life. Even if you are reading something share that with someone. You will get the feeling of achievement and accomplishment.

Motivation is not lasting, neither is bathing . You need it regularly .


The key to your success is lying in action, not in learning alone. Due to digital evolution, knowledge is readily available, you just need a creative mind and learning attitude. 

What matters is taking a decision

Every moment in our life we keep taking a decision. Each decision results in action or inaction. If you consciously follow your decision making, you will be able to control them. Where ever we are today is only a result of a decision we had taken in the past. So it matters to be decisive and moving forward.

Here you will find three sections. One to Develop the Mindset required to start the things that you always wanted to but never started. The second section in on tools to be productive all the time. And my experience and learning while developing this blog.

9 thoughts on “What matters in life- Mindset”

  1. The line

    Many a times we fail as we did not understand our strengths…

    Really awesome…

    How can we understand our strengths???

    1. Hey, Thanks for your comment. One simple way is to do an analysis of on what topics or matters, normally people comes to you for asking advice or may be for a discussion. Even when you are with a group of friends, observe, what normally they appreciate you for. If you consciously look for it, you will get it.

    2. Bandhu
      Strength is all about YOU…
      The only thing which u think u can do the best .
      Note down the best of you ..…….,so on
      Strength is all about our weakness …
      Which we can win and convert to become a strength factor of our life ..
      Strength is what others appreciate on me..
      Self analysis and accepting a guilt is also a strength of an individual..

      These are just my small observation,may differ person to person..

  2. Prabir Kumar Das

    Good but add one point more vigorously that execution is the key. You will find good planners many but very few as good implementer. Give some input in that way….

  3. Well said ,Mindset is the key …very true ..
    It’s all about the perception as well …Similarly like
    the glass is half empty or half full !!!!
    Anyways I like your views and observations, keep it up friend..

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