The Top Ten Most Powerful Emotions

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The top ten most powerful emotions, that determines our most of life. The human mind is full of emotions and we are being controlled by these emotions. Emotions are generated in our mind against our own reactions to the inner or outer incident that we feel or observe.

Emotional intelligence, which is our ability to understand and manage emotions, is a vital part of understanding life. Emotional intelligence also plays an important role in decision-making. Our all decision in life are results of our emotions. To know the most powerful emotions and understating them is very essential to manage them.

1. Love & Affection 

Love is one of the most powerful emotion. Expression of love has the power to melt down almost any negative emotions that it encountered. If someone comes to you within a state of hurt or anger and you consistently respond to them with love and warmth, their state with change and eventually their intensity will meltdown. A feeling of being loved is so powerful that it could overcome any sort of difficulties while ensuring the safety of your loved one. If you love something, you can do anything to achieve that.

2. Enthusiasm and passion

Excitement and passion can add juice to anything and everything. Passion has the power to turn any challenge into a tremendous opportunity. Passion makes us do those things otherwise looks unsurmountable. It generates so much positive power in you that you tend to ignore any physical of mental pain while performing or doing something of your passion.

3..Appreciation and gratitude

Appreciation and gratitude are the two most incredible spiritual emotions. Gratitude is one of the most important emotion among the top ten most powerful emotions. Learn to appreciate unconditionally. Appreciate what you really like through your actions.  Cultivating a sense of gratitude is cultivating life. Live with gratuities.

4. Inquisitiveness or curiosity

Curiosity is the key to innovation. If you really want to grow, be curious like a child. Children know very well how to wonder.  Being curious is the only way to curing your boredom. When are curious to know new things your mind live always young and active.

motivational article

5. Determination

Being determined or acting with determination means making a congruent, committed decision where you have cut of any other possibilities. Determination is such a powerful emotion it can dictate how you will deal with challenges and upsets, with difficulties and disappointment. Determination is generated when you are backed by a passion that you really care. If you are determined, you can find out ways even in a difficult situation and you will be able to accomplish what you plan to do.

6. Flexibility

Flexibility is another powerful emotional intelligence that allows your mind to think differently and find out alternate ways to a problem. If you are not able to succeed even after doing the work, again and again, it means that the way of working is wrong and he needs to work differently. This change in approach comes when you have able to cultivate the flexibility in your mind.

7. Confidence

Confidence is a feeling that comes only from taking actions. It means to believe in oneself. Self-confidence is the result of the actions that you take to create something and you accomplish them. You set goals and put all your effort to accomplish them. When you met those goals that you have made, it increases your self-confidence many times. It does not make any difference, how small or big your goals are.

8. Cheerfulness or Happiness

There is a huge difference in being cheerful only in outward and being truly happy from the inside. Cheerfulness enhance your self-esteem and make life more fun and makes other people happier around you.  Being cheerful does not mean that you look at the world through the rose-coloured glass and refuse to acknowledge the reality of challenges. Being cheerful means, you are incredibly intelligent to understand the reality of being living in present and cheerful about whatever you have.  When you are in a cheerful state of mind, it can transmit an intense sense of joy around you and virtually creating a positive atmosphere around you.

9. Vitality or liveliness

Vitality is the result of being active physically. When you have a healthy body and you feed your body with proper food, sleep, exercise and nutrition, you can have the feel of vitality or liveliness. Being physically active is the only way to keep yourself lively.

10. Sense of Contribution

Sense of contribution of one among the top ten most powerful emotions. There is no richer emotion than the sense of that who you are as a person, something that you have said or done has added to more than just your own life. Somehow it has enhanced life experience for someone you care about or maybe someone you didn’t even know. Each day we should cultivate the sense of contribution by focusing not only ourselves but on others. A sense of contribution has the magic in it, it makes all of our life worthwhile. Imagine what a better world it would be if all of us dedicated to cultivating a sense of contribution. How it will impact both ourself and others.

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