How to Start Right & Start Now:

To start anything new, starting it correctly is very important and critical for success. But before starting anything, having a clear perspective about how to approach new thing and ideas is most important. We need to keep our mind open towards new views and ideas. As Steve Jobs said, we need to be “stay hungry and stay foolish”. Which means, our mind will be receptive to new ideas, only if we keep our mind open to new ideas. There is nothing called as the absolute truth about anything, everything keeps changing. It is so important to keep learning every day. Once we are able to have a clear perspective about learning, we should know, how to start it right & start it now?

Taking the first step:

Many of us have a dream to do something new. We all want to start something that we would love to do all the time. Something, that is close to our heart. Something that excited us. But we have never been able to start that, with a daily struggle to survive. The rat race for survival is never going to end. But, is there any way to get back and take out some time to do what we love? Is it so difficult to start something that we love? What do we need to do to take the first step?

Don’t plan in too details

The magic is in just taking the first step. I would like to tell you, how I was always thought of having my own professional blog on motivation. But it never happened until 2020. I was planning to build a blog since 2016. During 2016, I opened a free blog on As I am writing this blog today, I am proud to inform you that, this blog is completely designed by me without taking any professional help.

Start with a small step:

Up to whatever level I have been able to succeed in building this blog, If I would have not taken, that small step of creating a blog in, I would have never been able to build this site today. Since 2016, I keep on learning about blogging, on and off, then I took a leap by buying my first domain, in 2019. But I was not so confident of running the blog and never had the courage to take a paid hosting. Then after learning about many aspects of blogging, I finally bought this domain and took a paid hosting.

Importance of taking the first step

This experience of having a dream of owning a professional blog to having it in actual has taught me one thing that, it is utmost important to take the first step. Don’t worry about how small may be the step if you take the first step, and keep on working on it, finally, you are bound to succeed. I urge you to, stop reading, right now and take the first small step on whatever you are planning to start for long. I assure you, you will definitely succeed.

Learning and applying

I always believe in learning and keep on applying the same. Many times it happens that, we learn about something but without completing it fully, jump to other topics or subjects. Until we fully learn something, we could never be expected to succeed in that. Think for a while, how many subject matters are there, where are aware of everything. If not everything, at least 80% of that topic that you are interested in. If the analysis shows that you are not quite sure about how much you know about the subjects, you can not be expected to succeed in that.

Final words

In conclusion, If we keep our mind open to new ideas and just take the first small step and then keep on working, success is bound to touch your feet.

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