Rules of life for Success – That Creates Miracles

Do you believe in Miracles?

Most people on this earth live a life of despair and wait for miracles to happen. A miracle, which will bring success and will eliminate all life misery. They wait and wait, till they become old, only to realize that there is nothing call miracle. Miracles never happen, we need to create them by following the rules of life for success.

The truth is, a miracle happens when we change our belief and thinking about life. Miracle will happen now if you do not allow yourself to wait for it. Miracle will start right from today and will start right now if you simply stop waiting and change one simple thing in your life, that is your thought. Miracles start in the mind.

You will find many successful individuals who had a very humble beginning. They started with very limited resources. But one thing common in all those individual is “they did not wait for miracle, they started with whatever they had”.

Changing your thought is not easy.

Our thoughts are hardwired with our subconscious mind and with self-limiting believe system. It is so deep-rooted that we are don’t even aware of this.

Most of our thoughts are being pushed into our subconscious mind from childhood. It is always been taught to us that, everything happens to us is written in your fate. We can’t change our destiny. Our fate will decide whether we will be successful in our life or fail. We are being taught to pray to God to make everything easy for us. So, whenever we face a difficult time, we blame our fate and pray for a miracle to happen.

How to get out of that thought process.

Stop Blaming:

Instead of blaming, think for a solution. Think about the available resources that you have. Find out, how to start something, with whatever is with you. If you are reading this, you defiantly have a mobile phone. Think of what you can start with the facilities that are available within the phone.  Don’t wait for everything to be perfect.  

              “Whether you think you can- or think you can’t- you are right! – Henry Ford.”

Focus of your capability, not your constraints:

 The body of a bumblebee is very heavy, according to all the laws of aerodynamics, a bumblebee cannot possibly fly. The bumblebee does not know this, so it goes ahead and flies anyway. It’s important to overcome your self-limiting belief. Anything or everything, that you believe you can do, is possible and you can start this by simply changing your self-limiting belief.

Don’t believe in destiny, create it:

We have to change the wrong belief that “whatever happens to us is written in our destiny.” Instead, we should clear our mind and tell our mind that we can create our own destiny. We are not created by our circumstance; circumstances are being created by us. We are responsible for whatever happens to us. Being successful or failure, being poor or rich, being happy or sad all depends on us.

“God helps only the one who helps himself”

Rules of life for Success to create your own destiny:

Along with our changed thought process , we have to follow some rules for a new beginning. These rules will change our life.

The First Rules of life for Success: “I will always be Independent”

Being Independent means “having independent thinking” and “self-reliance”.

  • “Dependency is the biggest enemy of our success. As far as possible, try to reduce expectations from others. Do your own work and do not be sad with the actions or thoughts of others. What is in your control is your thoughts. You can’t control others action and thoughts. So, accept this and always focus on what is in your control.

“If you want to be happy and be successful, then stop thinking about something we don’t have control over”

  • What people will say” is another massive problem of life. Most people keep wondering before doing any work about how other people will think or say about it. Because of this, they are not able to make any decisions.  Many people later regret it but it becomes too late, until they realize, it hardly matters what other thinks about you. Therefore, do not think too much, the best way is to do what you think is right, because there will be hardly any work that will be liked by all people on earth.

The Second Rules of life for Success: “I am the reason for my happiness”

  • Don’t let circumstances decide your happiness. There will be favourable conditions as well as adverse situations in our life. We can make efforts to change our situations, but the result or situation is not in our control. If you become unhappy with things or circumstances that are not under your control, this will result in only a waste of time and regrets in the future.
  • If you observe carefully, you will find that many time we are being controlled by others opinion. For example, we get offended or unhappy when we don’t get likes or comments on our Facebook post. We forget that social media is just a way to connect with friends. It can’t decide our happiness. So just by changing the thoughts and accepting it as a medium of communication, we can get rid of those negative thoughts.

The Third Rules of life for Success: “I will Live in Present”

We get around 70,000 to 90000 thoughts in a day and our success and failure depend on the quality of these thoughts. According to scientists, 70% to 90% of these thoughts are on past, future and about futile things. The past gives us experience and we have to plan for the future, but this does not mean that we spend all our time in this. We should remain in the present and should work to make it best. Neither we have control over the past nor the future.

The Fourth Rules of life for Success: “I will focus on work and not on success”

In the dictionary, success is found after hard work. Likewise, in the dictionary of life, success doesn’t come before hard work. Hard work does not mean just physical work, hard work can be both physical and mental. Focus on your work, think of ways by which you can improve upon. Find out more creative ways to do your work.

Don’t go for shortcuts to success. Think, Find and implement new and better ways. Success will follow you naturally.

The Fifth Rules of life for Success: ” I will not change my goals”

With hard work and dedication, the most difficult task becomes easy. If the goal is to be attained, then you have to overcome the obstacles that come in the middle, you have to work hard and try again and again. If a person is not able to succeed even after doing that work, again and again, it means that his way of working is wrong and he needs to work differently. But in any circumstance, you don’t change your goals.

Some people set their goals but do not work hard. If they are not able to achieve their goals, they keep changing them. Such people only keep planning but never reach their goals.

                                       “Only unsuccessful people change their goals in case of trouble.”

The Sixth Rules of life for Success: “I will be thoughtful with my words”

“Words can change the world”

Talking effectively is an important part of efficiency. While talking thoughtfully, we should follow the below rules of effective communications-

  • Don’t talk in vain.
  • Find the goodness in others.
  •  Praise and listening to others.
  • Giving importance to others.
  •  Be polite
  • Accept mistakes.

The Seventh Rules of life for Success: “I will always be confidence”

Confidence means “Believe in Yourself”. Having self-confidence in our life is as important as having a fragrance in a flower. No matter how talented a person is, he cannot do anything without confidence. Self-confidence is the foundation of success, due to lack of self-confidence a person doubts the work done by him. Self Confidence is possessed by the person who is satisfied with himself and believes in own capabilities.

How to increase self-confidence:

  • Self-confidence comes when you set to do something and you accomplish them. How big or small the goals, it doesn’t make any difference. All that matter is setting up goals and doing an effort to accomplish those. When you met the Goals you have made, it increases your self-confidence many times.
  • Another way to increase your self-confidence is to write down all your experience that you have. You can jot them down under below headings-
    • Childhood Experience
    • School days Experience
    • Experience from your family
    • Experience from relatives
    • College/University life experience
    • Your working life experience

When you will jot down even a few lines against each of these experiences, you will find some unique experience that you only have, and that is what, that makes you unique and different.  

  • The biggest enemy of self-confidence is the “fear” of failure. There many “what if “thoughts that magnify the fear. Don’t think about failure, instead, imagine the day when you will be successful. Imagine how people want to know about your story of success. Imagine the respect and love that you will earn being successful.
  • We should always be truthful, be honest, get involved with nature, do good work, help the needy. Such actions give you positive power. Positivity increases confidence.

There is so much power in these seven rules. If you practice them, they have the power to change your life and will awaken the power to turn your dreams into reality. Finally, last but not least-

“Help the needy, because you don’t know, tomorrow you might need someone’s help”

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