Leading a Meaningful Life.

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Leading a meaningful life is not an abstract idea. We all had some passion or inner urge, that left unfulfilled even after leading a successful life. This unfulfilled passion or thoughts buried in the heart creates a sense of unfulfillment. In this article, I am trying to dig out the passion that is buried inside the weight of responsibility and help to fulfil our heart with a sense of accomplishment.

In search of meaning

I was leading a very normal life.  I was doing an adequately good job, having a good friend circle, good weekends, everything a normal human being does. But I always felt a deep sense of inadequacy deep inside my heart. I always used to ask what and whom I am contributing too. What is the meaning of my existence?  Is there anything, that I can do, which will in any way help or add values to others.

When I was exploring what I can do to make my life meaningful, I started reading books, which claims to help to lead a meaningful life. I spend hours on YouTube, watching videos on how to lead a meaningful life. I went through thousands of motivational articles to get an idea about leading a meaningful life. Spent hours on listening to podcasts of many great motivational speakers.

The results that I got is a list of activities that will add meaning to our life. And most spoken or wrote about a point that I found, to lead a meaningful life was to “follow your passion”. To be more precise is to, making your passion as your career.


Running in auto mode

But, frankly speaking, I never had any thoughts on taking my passion as a career in life. I was a sports enthusiast but I never had any opportunities to take that as a career. Till the time I did my MBA, everything was happening in a flow. After schooling, I decided to study in the arts stream as I have seen my brother not been able to qualify after taking science stream. In college also I took the subjects, without much thinking about my passion. Then I met one of my friends who motivate me to do an MBA, so I did an MBA. After struggling for months, I got a job. It was like, running almost in auto mode.

General Motivation to success

Everything was going as usual. But last 12 years while engaging myself hundred per cent in the jobs, I always had something hollowness inside. I was feeling like, I am leading an unfulfilled life. I always wanted to start something that I can consider as my contribution. While searching for ways to create a meaningful life through books, articles and videos, I found that maximum of this content or articles are designed to keep someone in mind, who is depressed or who has failed, or for someone with thousands of troubles in life or someone, looking for learning ways to make money to be called as successful.

Most of the motivational speaker’s stretching point is to measure success, with how much money you have. They will teach you how you can more effective in making deals, ways to win more deals and ways to communicate that brings successful results.

Motivation to lead a meaningful life

There is hardly anything that inspires a normal human being, leading a normal life to start something, which he or she may consider a way to contribute. How small it may be, but able to creates an impact on someone life. For someone who is like me, leading an ordinary life of common man and wants a make a contribution in his own way. Some ways, through which, I could get a sense of accomplishment in life. In short- lead a meaningful life.

Following your passion is not a cup of tea for everyone

It is easy to follow your passion when you are just finished your college life and you don’t have practically any dependent at all. Even if you have dependent, but you had at least 2 to 5 years for trying things that you love.

But many of us were not that lucky or had not that awareness to do something that we would love to do. Like in my case, I was going with the flow.

After doing a job that I got by moving with the flow, and having hundreds of responsibilities now, I can’t go back and start my journey to follow my passion from zero. But does it mean, I will never be able to find something that will help me fulfil my inner urge to contribute, to help, and impact positively someone’s life. I find out a way. I decided to create this blog for someone like me, who had never got a chance to follow his passion. Someone who has always thought to find out a way to contribute. To share, To help, to inspire and impact with positivity.

Start Now for a meaningful life

With that thought in my mind, I start this blog to inspire and give practical ways to starts something to contributes your own way. You may be doing a job or doing a business or anything for your living. But your dream to contribute is still alive. If you get enough confidence or ways to contributes, you may start it today. But to take that first small step, you may need a push, a little motivation to continue with, what you think is right.

Below three articles are about a few of the basic principles that we need to have, to create the base of our journey to contributing our own way to the world.

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