How to Start something New

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How often do you tempted to start something new, but do not able to start? You got an idea and felt excited about the possibilities of it. But again you won’t able to keep going. Yes, it happens to many of us. Whenever we wanted to start something new, we hold ourselves back from doing it. Sometimes we start but again, left it in between.

Do you wonder, Why the spark of motivation fade away so soon? How we can start something new and keep going?

Why Motivation Fade Away Soon

Imagine the last time, when you saw something on YouTube or Facebook and thought that you could also do those things. Even sometimes, you know that if you do this thing, you can do it better than what you have seen. With that instant motivation, many of us may start a bit but as usual, you end up in the middle of nowhere.

Why did this happen to you? What would be in our subconscious mind? Why do we stop doing something that we thought, we could do better?

It has happened to me many times. I started a YouTube channel on motivation and after doing it for some time, I stopped doing it. I started a drop shipping website but again stop in between. Then I started a blog, as usual, run for a few days and then stopped. I told myself that these things are not for me.  But, when I saw someone, who has done the same thing successfully, with fewer resources, I felt missed out.

Why start something new is always tough?

I started exploring, what is that one thing, which has held us back from doing or trying new things. As I explored, I found, during all those times, while trying to do something new, I used to tell myself, “What if, someone would laugh at my work or what if, someone would criticize my content or what if, someone would say, I am doing a worthless thing.

My mind used to keep on wondering, over all those possible “what ifs” and finally I had to surrender and stopped. I have postponed or abandoned, many ideas in my life, just because of the thought, “what somebody will think about me?”

Who is this someone? How can he be holding you from starting something new?

But one day, I asked myself who is this “someone”? How can be he is so powerful, that, he can eat up all my dreams. I counted, how many opportunities I have lost, where I could have done wonders, but only abandoned due to the fear of “someone”.

It took me a long time to realize that, the fear of “somebody” was not real. I realized that I am imagining a situation where “someone” will criticize me for “something” that I have yet to start. This is ridiculing and suicidal too.

The “someone”, that I kept fearing for years, is nothing but was only inside my mind. It was only my mind, who was imaging those negative thoughts. Our mind is so powerful in imagination that it can virtually take you through the pain that you would feel when things will happen. Our mind creates such powerful images, that, we can even feel those pain of negatives reactions and comments even before it happens to us.

Imagine success -throw out someone

You cannot keep worrying about something that is not yet happened and it is just in your imagination. Once we realize this fact, we would never be controlled by “someone”. You will be able to throw that “someone” out of your mind.  Imagine the day, when you will be successful, what will be your feeling on that day. 

Free yourself and start again, those things that you have not done for years due to fear of “someone”. Make a list of all those things, that you would have done if you did not care about fear of criticism or due to the fear of a parasite called “someone”, who lived inside your mind.

Once you throw the “someone” from your mind, magic will happen.

Today, while I am writing this blog, I have decided not to think about someone’s “what if” reactions and negative feedback. I have made my mind to write my blog and keep sharing all information and learning that I have gained from my life, without fear!! I have thrown out the “someone”.

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