How to be productive all the time

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Do you wonder how to be productive all the time? Can we make productivity a habit? Is there any way to measure our productivity without keeping a track to it? Before answering all these, let look at what productivity means.

What Does Productivity mean to you?

Being productive means, to ensure every hour of a day contributes to the enhancement of our life. What does enhancement mean? it means, to uplift our mental, physical, spiritual, social or financial well-being. Based on our priority, we try to attain a higher level of knowledge or skills in any of these areas. We take actions based on our knowledge to uplift our life. 

Tracking my productivity

The question is how to track, whether we are growing or not? Does each hour we are spending is contributing to our growth? Is there any simple way to measure it?

Yes, it can be measured and we can keep track of it without keeping records. A simple and effective way is to, ask ourselves a question, after each hour of the day. “Does the last hour that I have spent, in any way contributed to the growth of my life?” “Does the last hour that I have spent, in any way contribute to the growth of my mental, physical, spiritual, social or financial well-being?” If the answer is “No”, We are wasting our time and will soon feel exhausted and meaningless.

The Method of Measuring Productivity

I call this method “LHP”, (last hour productivity).  To better implement this method, we need to link it with our goals. We need to have a set of written goals, based on our mental, physical, spiritual, social or financial needs. We have to set at least 10 goals in each area of life. If not 10, then at least a minimum five goals is these areas.

Now, we need to write down what I have done in last hour, against each set of goals. For example, below are a few sample goals and last hour contributions to it-

  • Goal: Health- Weight loss by 10 KG by the next 60 days: Last Hour contribution- Walked for 20 Min. 40 Min Yoga Etc.
  • Goal: Knowledge: Read one book per week: Last our contribution: Read a chapter of a book. View 20 min video in your subject of interest, etc.
  • Goal: Financial: To learn investment: Read about value investing and mutual fund etc.

Impact of this LHP

The Impact of LHP  is compounding and extraordinary. It will help you to be productive extraordinarily. We can understand this with a very simple example.  If you read 60 minutes each day, you will be able to complete one book a week. A book per week on average would be 50 books a year. To get a PHD at a leading university in any subject, you have to read about 30 to 50 books and combined them to a dissertation. By reading 30 to 50 book in your field in a course of a year, you get the equivalent of a doctoral degree, whether in selling, business or entrepreneurship or any other field. 

Making Productivity a Habit

To be productive all the time, we need to make it a habit. If we actively self-analysis of our last hour activity on a regular basis for 21 days it will become a habit. Subsequently, it will become a part of our subconscious mind. Once it becomes a part of the subconscious mind, our mind will always be engaged in the activity that will uplift your life. This is life-changing, it will change your life fundamentally.

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