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Motivationalarticle.com is devoted exclusively to the people who have a passion to contribute something to the world. How small it may be, but a contribution that we can proud of.

The maximum of motivational content or articles are designed to keep someone in mind, who is depressed or who has failed, or for someone with thousands of troubles in life or someone looking for learning ways to make money to be called as successful.

But there is hardly anything that inspires a normal human being, leading a normal life to start something, which he or she may consider as their contribution to the world. How small it may be, but able to creates an impact on someone life. For someone who is like me, leading an ordinary life of common man and wants a make a contribution in his own way. Some ways, through which, I could get a sense of accomplishment in life. In short- lead a meaningful life

Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish

As Steve Jobs said, we need to “stay hungry and stay foolish”. Our mind will be receptive to new ideas, only if, we keep our mind open to new ideas. There can never be any absolute truth about anything, everything keeps changing. It is so important to keep learning and keep growing every day.

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